Direct Talk Patrick Ky - Keeping The Skies Safe

Direct Talk Patrick Ky - Keeping The Skies Safe

Patrick Ky of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency discusses the decision to ground the Boeing 737 MAX after 2 fatal crashes, why the plane is still grounded and the future of aviation safety.

Direct Talk Patrick Ky - Keeping The Skies Safe was produced by In Focus Productions for NHK World's Direct Talk. 

In Focus Productions' films for Direct Talk have profiled leading thinkers from the fields of international diplomacy, economics, climate change and medicine, to humanitarian causes, science, literature and fashion. 

Past interviewees include: Designer Thomas Heatherwick, Mountaineer Chris Bonington, Rescue coordinator Nick Romaniuk, author Elif Shafak, British Museum director Hartwig Fischer, EU commissioner Margrethe Vestager, OECD General Secretary Angel Gurría, and Christiana Figueres, former UN Climate Change envoy.

Our Direct Talk films are produced and directed by Mark Galloway, Peter Gordon, Paul Mitchell, Teresa Cherfas and Alison Rooper.