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In Focus Productions specialises in human interest, topical and historical documentaries for broadcast. The company is building a broad repertoire of programmes for broadcast in the UK and has a track record in international co-productions both with Japan, Europe and the US.

Our films include Tattooed Under Fire, directed by Nancy Schiesari. Set in a Texan tattoo parlour, it is an intimate, character-driven portrait of Iraq-bound and returning US soldiers as they go under the tattoo needle. You can watch the trailer here.

Major documentary credits include War Feels Like War, a dramatic observational film about the 2003 invasion of Iraq through the eyes of independent journalists. Directed by Esteban Uyarra, the film has scooped up awards and accolades throughout the world and is available on dvd. BUY DVD.

The Headmaster and the Headscarves, shown on BBC2’s This World, followed a group of Muslim schoolgirls in a Paris school as they dealt with the ban on the hijab.

Massacre in Luxor, tells the story of the brutal attack on tourists at the Temple of Hatshepsut by Islamic fundamentalists (shot on HDTV for BBC2 and NHK)

We also contribute short films to Channel 4’s 3 Minute Wonder strand and international features for Channel 4 News. Becoming British profiled four people from around the world on the day of their citizenship ceremony to find out what becoming British means to them. In Saints and Sinners our cameras followed Dutch pro-abortion campaigners as they attempted to offer an early abortion service to Portuguese women on the high seas in defiance of Portuguese anti-abortion laws.

Latest projects...

Suffragette CityTattooed Under FireWar Feels Like War The Headmaster & The Headscarves

“a sensitive and heartbreaking journey into the psychological casualties of war”

- Rick Linklater, filmmaker, on 'Tattooed Under Fire'